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grigiabot: Matthew Rose.

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In Bnei Brak, an Israeli city whose population is mostly ultra-orthodox, there is a disturbing phenomenon - advertising signs with images of women on them are being ripped by ultra-orthodox men who believes that women should only be shown dressed modestly enough. The sleeves must cover the elbows, skirts must hide the knees and hair should be hidden as well.

The Israeli advertising agency “Twisted" decided to use that habit, and created a poster that hides another poster under it. 24 hours after the sign was hanged, the picture of the model was ripped and the message was exposed:

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women


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Tattoo done by Mike Moses.


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Bird scissors

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“Heirloom” Pop-Up Art Book by Alison Ann Woodward unfolds piece by piece to reveal the anatomy of a white horned creature.

One of my favorite things ever

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Sung Song

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Tattoo done by Jean Le Roux.


So happy to finally see his tattoos on my dash.

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Liam Sparkes

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